About PhysioTom

Since it's inception, equine welfare is paramount in the day to day operations of Equine Performance Physio. Discover the story of PhysioTom from his country home town in NSW to his daily work within some of Australia's top race and performance horse stables.


Need answers to your physio questions? You can find all you need to know here.



Discover the vision and the mission of PhysioTom. Encouraging the profession of equine physio as a part of a horses’ daily routine. An essential contribution to an equine athlete. A preventative rather than a cure.


Regular physio treatments are essential for improvement of welfare and to assist in overall performance. Explore the equine physio treatments available.


Explore the culture and lifestyle of PhysioTom. From some of the worlds' prestigious race meets to Australia's largest equestrian events. Read interesting articles, discover life behind the winning post and meet some equine patients of all breeds and sizes.

What can I do at home

Learn beneficial stretches for you to do with your horses' at home.  With regular practice see the results.